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How To: Combat Clogged Pores

Pores are tiny little openings in the skin which contain the body's natural oils, called sebum, produced by the sebaceous gland. Each oil gland contains a hair follicle, and the small holes at the surface of the skin are the pores we see.  The reality is that everyone grows hair which means everyone has pores! The problem that most people encounter with their pores is that they can appear larger when clogged and can cause breakouts.  Unfortunately, you can't shrink your pores. But the good news is that with the right skin care habits and products, you can clean clogged...

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At Home Remedies for a Seriously Dry Scalp

-How to keep those nasty white flakes from ruining the look of your favorite LBD-                                     Having a dry scalp can be a pain! It’s itchy, annoying and most of all can be kind of gross! But with that said there are a few things we can do to combat this pesky issue! Often times those who have a dry scalp will also see dryness around their nose and on their chest, and as a result we may need to cover washing and...

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What the Eczema?!?!

Eczema is a skin condition that causes patches of rough, red and itchy skin anywhere on the body. The most common causes known to bring out symptoms of eczema are soaps, allergens, bacteria, extreme hot and cold temperatures, foods and stress. Balancing out these environmental triggers to reduce symptoms can be difficult, and there is no overall cure for the condition, but there are treatments that can help.    Most people with severe eczema turn to topical steroid or antibiotics to treat the symptoms. But there are many other basic treatments that people with eczema can do to ease the inflammations....

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What are those little white bumps on my face?   Have you ever been bothered by small white bumps on your face? Try and squeeze and pop them because you thought maybe they were stubborn pimples? Well we have your answer to that mystery and also some ways to keep them from coming back!   Milia are tiny white bumps or cysts that are mostly seen on infants but can be seen on adults as well. According to the NIH “Milia occur when dead skin becomes trapped in small pockets at the surface of the skin or mouth.” Milia are very...

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“Bacne” I don’t know about you but I had many friends growing up who suffered from acne and seeing as my mom was a dermatologist would always ask me how I avoid it or how to get rid of it and I never really knew the answer, I just knew I was lucky that I didn’t have it! After sitting down with Dr. Norris I learned that some people are more prone to “bacne” than others and specifically there are two groups, people who sweat a lot such as athletes and then those with a genetic predisposition for acne. Meaning...

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