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Hello World!

This week  we are very excited to announce the launch of the Amanda Blakley Skincare line. We cannot wait to share our story with each and every one of you.

All four skin care products are available here on our website, and also at Norris Dermatology and Lasers NW (Dr. Patricia Norris’ office) in Portland, OR.

If you are in need of a simple and quick daily skin care routine that will take only minutes, then do not look any further because these four products are what you have been searching for. This is all you need! The cleanser, moisturizer, mineral powder, and lip protectant have each been developed by Dr. Norris to be used on all skin types (normal skin, acne prone skin, sensitive skin, etc).  Please check out our products page for more complete information about each product and feel free to reach out to us with any questions. If you need advice before purchasing leave us a comment here or email us directly at

We are now on most social media sites so follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and check out or Facebook page! We will be updating often and posting newsletters and articles about skin care on our website. 


Also, if you have any questions or comments about our site please let us know. 

Now try out these amazing new skin care products, I promise they won’t disappoint!


Thank you,

The Amanda Blakley Skincare Team

Amanda Blakley

Lisa Blakley

Patricia Norris MD




JCXuSUayHQT August 03, 2020


bVDBjhAdwJp August 03, 2020

The mineral powder not only provides sunscreen, it has amazing natural coverage concealing scars and age spots. The lip gloss also with sunscreen stays on lips for hours. I love this skincare!

kathleen mahan August 11, 2015

That is a really great question Kelly!

You are correct, our glycerin spray moisturizer does not have sunscreen because we wanted to share a product with everyone that can be easily applied, allergen free, and the most simple moisturizer possible.

However we have developed our Mineral Powder with sunburn prevention as to act as a barrier from the sun. The powder is comparable to similar products on the market listed as SPF 20-28. We do recommend using sunscreen daily and hopefully with a physical sunscreen that will last all day. Please see the newest News letter for what a physical sunscreen is and what a chemical sunscreen is (We think this will help a lot of people who find themselves sun burnt after being outside when they had applied a long lasting moisturizer with sunscreen SPF in the morning). Some moisturizers that contain “SPF” only last about three hours as they are what is considered a chemical sunscreen.

Please let us know if you have further questions. Thanks for stopping by!

-The Amanda Blakley Skincare Team

Amanda Blakley Skincare July 31, 2015

Hi Amanda, Lisa and Patti! Very excited for your product launch! I have sunscreen in the moisturizer I currently use and plan to keep wearing sunscreen everyday! It looks like your moisturizer doesn’t have sunscreen in it but is there a particular sunscreen and SPF you recommend to apply with your moisturizer? If so, do you recommend applying sunscreen then moisturizer or moisturizer then sunscreen?
I’m sure this is a busy time for you ladies…enjoy it all and congrats!

Kelly Bocciolatt July 30, 2015

Very excited to try out these products!

Carly McCoy July 27, 2015

Can’t wait to try this amazing product!

Katherine Albers July 27, 2015

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