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Acne Part II

Acne Part II

-A few simple tricks to prevent and treat your facial acne-

After treating thousands of patients for acne Dr. Norris has found that there are only a few over-the-counter tricks to treat acne. While, there have been quite a few claims out there saying that the best home remedy for acne is the sun. The sun decreases inflammation and sometimes improves acne, but this is not a typical recommendation from Dermatologists since the sun speeds up premature aging and increases the risk of skin cancer over time. So while many people will tell you the sun helps with acne, sometimes the risks outweigh the rewards.

Mineral powder is a very good way to protect your face from excessive sun exposure without causing acne. In general, Dr. Norris recommends avoiding lotions, creamy moisturizers and sunscreens on the face if you are acne prone. When choosing a daily foundation makeup, mineral powder is the best choice for acne prone skin. Avoid liquid foundations, “cover-up,” tinted moisturizers, or bb and cc creams, as these products will have the same affects as a lotion or creamy moisturizer: clogging pores and potentially causing more acne. Mineral powders come in multiple shades that match your skin tone while protecting against the sun.
Another suggestion as mentioned in the last post is sticking to a simple daily skincare routine, washing your face only once a day with a pH-balanced cleanser, followed by a light moisturizer like the Amanda Blakley Skincare glycerin spray. If you have a blemish or are having a breakout you can spot treat with over the counter benzoyl peroxide gel (5% or 10%). If you use benzoyl peroxide you want to be careful with clothes and towels as it might bleach them.

If you cannot get your acne under control at home by simplifying your routine or trying over the counter benzoyl peroxide, which has anti-inflammatory properties to help minimize blemishes, then it is time to call and schedule an appointment with your dermatologist. Typically, they can prescribe topical and/or oral medication to help get your acne under control.


-The AB Skincare Team- 

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