Acne: What is Making You Break Out & How to Avoid It

prevent acne

Dr. Norris has been practicing dermatology for over 20 years and has seen her fair share of skin problems. From common conditions like acne and rosacea to rare conditions like Lupus and Leprosy. When it comes to treating your acne and preventing your next breakout she is the expert that you can trust! While some tips work for most skin types there are a few tips that are especially helpful for those with extremely dry or oily skin; so stick with us while we cover what is the best for your skin type.

prevent acne

Sometimes we think we are doing all of the right things: washing our face, avoiding certain lotions, or using the product that our favorite celebrity says they cannot live without, but what you might not know is how important diet is when it comes to the skin. According to the AAD, studies suggest that eating high glycemic foods such as bread, potatoes, candies, and desserts may cause or worsen acne breakouts. Along with those sweets and breads another thing to avoid is dairy. Dr. Norris has found that dairy products, especially nonfat milk, can actually worsen acne and cause more breakouts on your face. Minimizing these foods and drinks will help to keep your skin clear.

prevent acne

In terms of washing the facial skin (and the rest of your body), be sure you are not over-washing. Dr. Norris suggests washing with a simple pH balanced facial cleanser only once a day. She says that you should avoid harsh soaps and gritty face washes that have beads or exfoliating properties. Your skin naturally exfoliates and using products that claim to exfoliate may actually cause irritation and inflammation of the skin which could lead to darkening of the skin and even scarring if the acne is severe.

prevent acne
When moisturizing your face, steer clear of creamy or heavy moisturizers as they may clog pores which can lead to more acne.  If you have acne, you do not need a moisturizer as your skin has its own natural oil.  Cream based and lotion based sunscreens may also worsen acne. Get your skin under control and keep it looking its best! 

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