What are Facial Milia?

What are Those Little White Bumps on My Face?

Have you ever been bothered by small white bumps on your face? Try and squeeze and pop them because you thought maybe they were stubborn pimples? Well we have your answer to that mystery and also some ways to keep them from coming back!
Milia are tiny white bumps or cysts that are mostly seen on infants but can be seen on adults as well. According to the NIH “Milia occur when dead skin becomes trapped in small pockets at the surface of the skin or mouth.” Milia are very stubborn and there are only few ways to get rid of them! The NIH also states that “the bumps and cysts also occur on parts of the body that are swollen (inflamed) or injured.” Be sure to take care of these areas so you are not faced with stubborn milia!
Dr. Patricia Norris further explains that milia can even be caused by use of heavy moisturizing creams or lotions on the face! However, some people are predisposed to them, so if you are someone who is avoiding heavy creams and lotions but still seeing milia occasionally this could be your answer!
Dr. Norris states that while one way to treat milia or prevent them is to decrease lotion and cream use on face, the only real way to get rid of them would be to see your dermatologist for extractions.
Interview with Dr. Patricia Norris 


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