Simple is the New Clean.

Think about this: What if clean beauty wasn't just the ingredients in your products but also the amount of product you use on a daily basis. Simple is the new Clean.

Here at AB this is our new motto! Not only are we constantly striving to eliminate unnecessary ingredients, especially those that could be harmful to our customers, but we are also taking out the unnecessary steps in your daily routine. The end result: Simple is the new Clean. Co-founder of AB Skincare, Dr. Norris, preaches that minimal use of products is going to be better for your skin in the long run. You may think rushing to the store and purchasing every single item that claims to combat that redness, that pimple, those dark eyes or even those wrinkles is going to help you but you may be causing your self more harm. How you ask? By over-exfoliating and exposing your skin to too many "miracle creams" you actually can do the opposite of what you were trying to accomplish. Caking on those moisturizers could lead to clogged pores and irritation.

The idea of simple means clean is that the beauty industry has so many ways to market things but no regulation so what makes clean products clean? We, at AB Skincare, think it means choosing ingredients that won’t cause irritation, allergic reaction or cause breakouts in addition, that we use minimal ingredients. Because being clean is simple. Furthermore, simplifying your daily skin care routine will clean it up and stop breakouts, restore your skins pH and hydrate your skin without unnecessary steps or ingredients. So, simple products, simple routine = clean skin care. Simple is the new Clean.


How is your skin care routine treating your skin? Comment below! 



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