Skin Care Travel Essentials: The Basics

Makeup and skincare can be a bit of a challenge while traveling — especially when traveling light (all these products get so heavy!). In this guide, we’ll cover our favorite beauty essentials to keep you looking and feeling great while living out of a backpack or suitcase. Be sure to read our packing list for women for more packing tips. 

Hydration is key while traveling. If you have a light moisturizer or even the AB Spray handy while in the air your skin will thank you! The spray is also great because you don't have to touch your face and potentially get it dirty. Try to avoid wearing face makeup including eyes in the air due to dryness. Apply it after you land and your skin will double thank you!!

Here at AB Skincare we are all pretty simple when it comes to makeup and daily routines so we recommend you keep your travel makeup simple: mascara, spot cover up for blemishes, mineral powder, bronzer (or blush) & a simple eyeshadow pallet that includes your liner. Lastly, bring a face wash for night! The AB Cleanser is dual action, works as a daily face cleanser as well as make up remover, what a great space saver!!   


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