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    BLOG — skincancer

    Do You Know Your Skin Cancer ABCDE's?

    Do You Know Your Skin Cancer ABCDE's?

    As we pull out our summer wardrobes we expose more bare skin than other months of the year. For that reason it is important to examine your skin for suspicious looking marks or moles. Follow the dermatologists "ABCDE" strategy for early recognition of melanoma skin cancers: 

    • Asymmetry: If the mole is not symmetrical, this is a warning sign for melanoma.
    • Border: A benign mole has a smooth border. Melanomas tend to have borders with uneven edges. 
    • Color: Most benign moles are a single shade, often brown. Having a variety of colors is another warning signal. 
    • Diameter: Melanomas are usually larger in diameter, but they may be smaller when first detected.
    • Evolve: Benign moles look the same over time. If you are concerned about a mole in particular, watch to see if it changes in any way. 

    Self examinations will help you identify potential skin cancers early, so you can contact your physicians for proper removal. Prevention is important, remember to protect the skin on your face with our SPF mineral powder in light, medium and dark.