"Your skin-care routine actually only needs 3 things"

We recently came across a great article on Self that reiterated the AB Skincare approach to skin care. "Your skin-care routine actually only needs 3 things." FINALLY others are getting on board with the AB and Dr. Norris approach to skin care. Cleanse, Moisturize & Sunscreen!!! 

Dr. Norris has always recommended that her patients wash their faces in the evenings to remove makeup & excess dirt. After cleansing she recommends a simple moisturizer to stay hydrated. The AB Cleanser is pH balanced so you won't need heavy moisturizers, toners or oils for hydration since the skin's pH isn't changing during the cleansing process.

If you are someone who HAS to wash their face in the mornings she recommends trying to use water alone then apply your sunscreen. She is adamant about this part though! Use a broad spectrum zinc & titanium based sunscreen that is going to last you ALL day. A lot of the moisturizers and tinted moisturizers out there have sunscreen but those are typically only going to last you a few hours. Check your ingredients and email us if you have questions or comment!

AB Skincare - where skin care meets simplicity.


To view the article on Self click here and read their perspective.




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