Apply our mineral foundation powder with the provided hypoallergenic sponge in circular motion on cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. Re-apply every two hours for the best sun protection, especially if you are outdoors. Tip: You can also apply by using a pressed powder brush!

Choose Your Shade

Fitzpatrick Skin Typing Method

  • Light Shade: Do you have pale or milky white skin? Do you have freckles? Do you always sunburn? 
  • Medium Shade: Do you have very light brown skin? Do you sometimes tan?
  • Dark Shade: Do you have light brown or olive skin? Do you usually tan? Do you have light to dark brown hair? 
  • Golden Dark: Do you have moderate brown or tanned skin? Do you rarely burn and tan darkly easily? 
  • Deep Dark: Do you have dark brown or black skin? Do you never burn and always tan darkly?