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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we have received at Amanda Blakley Skincare.

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Q: Are your products cruelty free (not tested on animals)?

A: None of our products are tested on animals so yes we are 100% cruelty free. 

Q: When and how often should I wash my face with the AB Cleanser?

A: Amanda Blakley Skincare recommends once a day washing. In the morning or the evening would be to your preference, however in the evening the cleanser can dual as your makeup remover and cleanser.


Q: How do I use the moisturizer?

A: You may spray directly onto the skin and let it dry OR you can spray in your hand and rub into your skin. It is up to you how you would like to apply the product! Tip: If you are spraying directly on to the area being moisturizer, hold about 6-8 inches from the skin for best application.


Q: How frequently should I reapply the mineral powder?

A: For the best protection you should reapply every 4 hours especially if you are touching your face or sweating.


Q: Is this a four step process?

A: All of the products can be used separate from each other but we recommend the following:

  1. Wash face in the evening with the cleanser
  2. Use the moisturizer after washing (spray directly on face or in hands to rub in)
  3. Apply mineral powder & lip protectant in the morning before heading outside


Q: Is this line meant only for the face or can it be used on the entire body?

A: AB Skincare intended the product for the face however the cleanser and moisturizer have been proven effective for the entire body. Many clients have used them on their legs and arms and seen positive results.


Q: What should I use as sunscreen since the moisturizer does not have and SPF?

A: We recommend a titanium dioxide and zinc oxide based mineral powder or if you prefer to use a lotion sunscreen we recommend one with an SPF of over 30 and to reapply either the mineral powder or lotion sunscreen through out the day.


Q: Where else can i purchase AB Skincare besides the website? 

A: Please visit our locations tab (or click this link: Locations) for a complete list of our retailers.


Q: Will you be offering darker Mineral Powder Shades? 

A: Our darker shades are in testing and will be available soon, check back for details or join our newsletter for updates!


Q: What type of skin do your products work best with?

A: Our products are meant for ALL skin types, especially sensitive and acne prone.