"I am loving the AB products I was given to try! I was having some skin troubles with dryness recently and it completely cleared up when I started using the cleanser daily instead of what I was using before. The face powder is also SO good. And I love how the spray moisturizer can be used through the day as needed and doesn't mess up my makeup. Big fan!"


Los Angeles, CA 

"This is the only cleanser that doesn't make my face explode! Since having a stroke I take several medications that have made my skin more fragile and reactive, and aging has made my rosacea worse. I have tried everything I can find at every price point and this is the only cleanser that doesn't make my symptoms worse and even makes my skin feel good! Thank you!"

-Customer in Oregon City, Oregon  


"Fantastic Product! I love the moisturizing spray. I've seen unbelievable results in my skin in the last few weeks of using this product.. It's so easy to apply before makeup & after... I spray my face a few times a day and also before bed.. it's left my face looking & feeling hydrated, light & fresh. I am absolutely SOLD on AB Moisturizing spray & the face cleanser. My new favorite!"


Seattle, WA

"I am a 65 year old woman who has tried MANY skincare lines. At my age I wanted something that felt natural and covered all blemishes while giving a more youthful look. AB Skincare has far exceeded my expectations and will be the product I use forever. I live in a very dry climate and the cleanser and moisturizer have been very light yet extremely moisturizing to my skin. I actually look forward to doing my skincare regiment every day. Thanks AB Skincare!"


Lake Tahoe, NV


"I love the spray moisturizer! 

I live in the PNW and typically we have a lot of rain, but this year we have experienced a dry hot summer.. So of course, I got a awful sunburn on my face. I started to use the spray moisturizer to help hydrate my skin after my sun burn and fell in love with the product."



"I have been using the moisturizing spray on my legs and within three days an abrasion on my lower leg was nearly healed. I have tried everything, ointments, lotions, you name it, and nothing worked until now. Not only that, I spray my legs and body every night before bed and my skin is softer than ever! Finally, the price point is really, really good!"


Portland, OR

"The mineral powder not only provides sunscreen, it has amazing natural coverage concealing scars and age spots. The lip gloss also with sunscreen stays on lips for hours. I love this skincare!"



Boulder, CO

"Living in Colorado my skin is constantly dry. I love this easy spray moisturizer! I use it in the morning before I put my makeup on and at night before I go to bed. It is lightweight and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated!"



Denver, CO 


"After trying multiple skin care lines over the years and not being satisfied with any of them, I finally got to try AB Skincare and could not be happier. I have been using the cleanser, moisturizer and powder on a daily basis. The moisturizer has been perfect for the dry climate I live in and the powder offers just enough coverage to hide any problem areas while maintaining a natural look. Each product in the in the line is absolutely spectacular."


Lake Tahoe, NV


"I absolutely love the cleanser and moisturizer. It leaves your skin feeling so clean and hydrated. The moisturizer is lightweight, and doesn't clog my pores like other face "lotions." Plus, you can't beat a product with only four ingredients."


Lake Oswego, OR 


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