Acne Treatment System

$ 29.97

AB Skincare's Acne Treatment System was developed to fight stubborn acne breakouts for sensitive skin. The fragrance-free and allergen-free formula helps control acne by attacking blemishes head on. The acne system is made up of the following three main products: pH balanced facial cleanser, spray skin moisturizer, and benzoyl peroxide acne spot treatment.

AB Skincare's daily routine is simple: Less is More. It includes once a day washing with our non-irritating pH balanced Cleanser, our simple light Moisturizer to hydrate, and our Acne Spot Treatment cream for sensitive skin.

Acne System Steps

The Best Offense is A Good Defense

AB Skincare's Acne Treatment System was specifically formulated to be free of the high-grade allergens, fragrances, botanicals, parabens, and artificial colorants which can cause breakouts and rashes. The Less is More approach is perfect for sensitive skin.

AB Skincare's Acne Treatment System minimizes breakouts by working quickly and effectively without the drying effects of other common acne medications. The acne treatment is dermatologist recommended for sensitive skin.

Customer Reviews

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I had a lot of cystic acne... cleared up in a week!

Acne treatment system ok for sensitive skin

I was having a flare up of very sensitive skin when I started to use the system. The cleanser was great. Didn't aggravate my skin or make it feel tight or too dry. However, the spray was a little much. At first it felt good, but as the day progressed and it mixed with my already oily skin, I kept having to use blotting papers again and again. And I only sprayed three times. The acne cream works fine, but I wish it had a thicker consistency so that it didn't spread so easily to the surrounding areas.

I’m loving it so far..

Acne still present but it seems like it’s getting better!

Not my favorite

Made my skin really dried out. Didn’t really like the product

Love it!!

This is the greatest acne treatment routine I have ever used! It works amazing! The cleaner is smooth and easy on all skin types. The moisturizer is amazing because you just spray it on and let it soak in. And the spot treatment does wonders. I used it on a blemish last night and it is basically gone today!! I love this so much!!!

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