Are you tired of spending all of your money on skincare? Are you unhappy with how your skin feels and looks after your using your current products? Do you have sensitive skin? Do you wear a tinted or SPF moisturizer? Do you wash your face twice a day? Do you have a skin disorder?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then this line is FOR YOU:

Amanda Blakley Skincare is an allergen free line that was developed by a dermatologist for her patients. The goal is to take a different approach to skincare: we want to teach you that all you need in a daily routine is a face wash, a simple moisturizer and sunscreen! Without complicating your routine you are actually doing yourselves a favor.

We are not preaching chemical free, organic, or anti-aging. We think that these words have been overused and tend to confuse the consumer. All of the ingredients in our products were chosen specifically to make up the product with no unnecessary additives. Furthermore, the ingredients we chose are all low-level allergens which is great for someone with sensitive skin or contact dermatitis.

By simplifying you will notice the difference… we promise!